GPA News June 2017

They say time flies when you’re having fun.  Seems to me it flies in the summer whether you’re having fun or just keeping busy around the house.  If you’re involved in your community with an organization or two it really gets crazy!  I keep telling myself being busy is good for me.  Hope I’m right.

The GPA Fashion Show was a great success.  Kirtland was a perfect venue and their management team couldn’t have been more helpful.  The big room was just right, the food was exceptional, and our local business places did a great job of showing off their spring and summer collections – with a little humor thrown in just for fun.  This year we were pleased to add The Lumberyard Shops to our show.  In addition, some local vendors displayed their wares and the displays were amazing.  Our Silent Auction was also a success.  GPA thanks everyone who attended and we hope we see you again next year. 

Our members have been and still are busy selling Shop Grayling First Cards.  If you haven’t purchased yours yet you should.  It’s a great way to shop local and save money while you do it.  These cards are one of GPA’s biggest fundraisers.  If you wonder how GPA makes the money to do the things we do to make Grayling the best it can be – a lot of the money is raised with the sale of these cards.  We thank all our local business people who participate in this program.  Couldn’t do it without you!

Hopefully you’ve noticed that the big flower pots are back on Michigan Avenue and the flowers are growing.  Thanks to our Beautification Committee.   I noticed that the hanging baskets are up too. Just today it was announced that the new banners we’ve been waiting for will be up on the poles this week.  Please try to look at them as you come into town.  The committee worked hard to coordinate the banners with those that are up on “Main Street”. 

We’re talking at GPA about the 4th of July Parade.   Betty and the Babes will be in it as usual.  We’ve been part of the parade for more years than I care to remember, but now that we have a CD to sing along with it’s a lot more fun.  So, watch for us!!!

GPA will soon be discussing the HUP Race.  Its not till July, but it takes time to work things out.      Getting someone willing to paddle is always a bit of a problem – and then there’s building the boat.  But – we’ve been in the race for a lot of years and I suspect we’ll work it out and be represented again this year.  If you haven’t ever come down to the park and watched the fun you should try to attend.  If my memory serves me correctly its July 26th.  Come early, bring your lawn chair and enjoy the show.

Town is beginning to get busy with visitors.  I love it when I see all the cars on Michigan Avenue and know that our business people are doing well.  Its important  – because its our town!!!

Submitted by Betty Bennett