Betty’s February update

Hello – its winter. Really winter. We’ve had it all.  Snow, sleet, hail, freezing rain, just plain rain, and…a couple of nice days!  Is that Michigan – Yes, it is! We got thru Christmas without any really bad weather and the roads were good for traveling.  Now – you just have to pick your day. GPA only meets every other week from January thru March.  We also have a rule that when there is no school on Tuesdays – there’s no GPA. That saves a lot of phone calling to tell … [Read more...]

December update from Betty

Grayling - Here we are getting close to the end of the year.  In fact, this will be my last message from 2019.  Seems a little strange when I just returned from Ohio where I saw a stage production put on by my granddaughters Production Company – “Cutting Edge Theater”.  It was called “Spring Awakening.” It was actually about young people – not the weather.  But I’ve been trying to find a way to get in a plug for her company and this seemed the spot!  And – as … [Read more...]

Festival of Trees winners

2019 CHRISTMAS TREES & GIFT BASKET WINNERS TREES     A Cut Above - Russell Shepard AJD Forest Products - Steve Alimenti Arauco - Stephanie Quick Ausable Animal Shelter - Carrie Rasmuson Ausable Artisan Gallery - Diane Krupski Ausable Dance Studio -  Lindsey Wichert Ausable Family Dental - Ashley Malone Ausable Gifts -  Tamara Fisher Baby to Toddler Closet - William Mathey Bears Den - Angel Ann Baker The Brooks - Katie Carlson … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! GPA budget is set for 2020. Festival of Trees was a huge success, thanks to the entire community for their support! Stay tuned for more details about plans for next year. Have a safe and fun New Year's Celebration! … [Read more...]

June 2019

This is a busy time of year for GPA! The Beautification Committee is hard at work with flowers in town - the City has been very good about helping to keep them all watered. The Fashion Show was fun and successful, as was Pictionary. Planning has begun for the Fall Arts & Crafts Show and we are on the search for vendors to participate. The Annual Junque in the Trunk is also in the planning stages. The Fourth of July fireworks are being sponsored by GPA with the help of some kind donors. … [Read more...]

April update by Betty

April – 2018 April Fool – that’s what Nature pulls on us by giving us a few warm days – melting a lot of snow – and even bringing out some of the birds that have been hiding (I don’t know where) and there’s action around the feeders.  And then – we wake up to a cold morning with snow on the ground.  You would think that after living up here since the ‘70’s  I would learn NOT to believe it when we get those one or two warm days.  But – I just keep hoping.   I know … [Read more...]

March update

March – 2019, from GPA member Betty Bennett Have you had enough???  They tell me the last winter like this was 1978.  Maybe its because I was younger then, but I don’t remember it being quite this bad.  Not the cold – the amount of snow.  I’ve got a long driveway and my snowplower has managed to push up piles at least seven feet high.  I feel like I’m driving thru a tunnel to get out to the road.   Now in the last week they have melted a lot – and it feels … [Read more...]

Spring 2019

Spring is trying to arrive! The snow is melting and we're picking up from the winter. The painted snowmen and snowladies will be coming down and we're working with the appropriate people to get the ripped and missing banners replaced. Pictionary is planned for April 26, and the Fashion Show for May 18. Your support for both events would be much appreciated! (see more info under "events") The Beautification Committee will be working soon (I hope) to plant flowers. Do you like to garden or … [Read more...]

Betty’s Newsletter 1/17

January 2019 HAPPY NEW year 2019!!!  Wishing all of you a great year.  Winter is here!  Don’t know about you but that last snow storm caught me off guard.  In the morning I was looking out the window and seeing grass (with a few spots of snow) and by evening I was hoping the young man who plows my place would get there before I had to leave my garage in the morning.  (He did!!!).  But, beautiful.  The only unfortunate thing about it was that there was no … [Read more...]

Dec.2018 update

By the time you read this it may be a little late for Merry Christmas – So – I’m wishing you a Very Happy New Year – 2018.   May it be all you hope for and more.   I wish you good health – good friends – and safe journey to wherever you go.  If you don’t “go” anywhere – may your days at home be happy ones. This has been a very busy month – for GPA, for me personally, and probably for most of you.  GPA had a very successful Festival of Trees.  We had more … [Read more...]