March update

March – 2019, from GPA member Betty Bennett

Have you had enough???  They tell me the last winter like this was 1978.  Maybe its because I was younger then, but I don’t remember it being quite this bad.  Not the cold – the amount of snow.  I’ve got a long driveway and my snowplower has managed to push up piles at least seven feet high.  I feel like I’m driving thru a tunnel to get out to the road.   Now in the last week they have melted a lot – and it feels likee I’m fording a stream all the way to the paved road.   Fortunately the paved road has been pretty good – or I’d be marooned!!

They were wonderful!!!  What?  The Crawford County Chamber of Commerce Awards!!!  If you missed it you should put a sticky note on your 2020 Calendar that says – Don’t forget the Awards Dinner!!!  So many people – so many dressed up in 1920’s attire – and looking good!!!  The ladies in their headbands and fringed dresses – the men looking very good in their 20’s type suits – hats – ties – the works!!!  And, if that wasn’t enough we could start with a glass of wine – and after a delicious meal – end with Cheese Cake.    Then came the program with a lot of deserving people being recognized for all the good work they do for Grayling and Crawford County in general.  Well deserved recognition. A grand evening! If you didn’t go and you’d like to see some pictures just go to either the Chamber page or the GPA page on line.  Lots of pictures.

I want to remind you of GPA’s Pictionary that is coming up on April 26th.  If you have a business or a fun group of friends – get a team together and let us know.  It’s a fun night at the Eagles.  Cost for a team is $40 – we think of it as $10 for each team member.  The Eagles sells adult refreshment plus hot dogs and fries.  Our charity of choice this year is River House Shelter.  We ask that teams bring in a donation for the shelter.  Winning teams receive a trophy – plus there is a trophy for the best dressed team – usually in something team related.    It’s usually called Grayling’s most fun night.   I won’t be on the team this year.  I’ve been on it for 30 years and it’s time for a change.  Who knows – we might even win.  Last year we took 2nd place – the best we’ve ever done.  So our team will be primed this year.  Let’s face it – it’s all in the words you get from the Judge – and none of us can control that!  

After a little rest GPA jumps right to work again in May with our Fashion Show on May 18th.  We give you a perfect gift for your Mother on Mothers Day – a ticket to the Fashion Show.  Tickets are $25.  We’ll have Vendors selling their wares and also donated items to bid on in the lobby, so you’ll want to get there early to look at everything available before going into the main room.  Lunch will be delicious.  We are never disappointed at Kirtland.  Mark the date on your calendar.  We have a couple surprises for you this year!

Just so you remember – GPA is now in charge of the Fire Works on July 4th.  If you saw them last year you know that they were spectacular.  Hopefully they will continue that way for years to come.