Betty’s Newsletter 1/17

January 2019

HAPPY NEW year 2019!!!  Wishing all of you a great year.  Winter is here!  Don’t know about you but that last snow storm caught me off guard.  In the morning I was looking out the window and seeing grass (with a few spots of snow) and by evening I was hoping the young man who plows my place would get there before I had to leave my garage in the morning.  (He did!!!).  But, beautiful.  The only unfortunate thing about it was that there was no school on  the 8th – and no school means no GPA – so we sent out a quick notice and cancelled.  We were looking forward to our first meeting under the control of our new president Ingunn Hraunfjord.  Guess we have to wait.  During the winter GPA meets at Kirtland Community College – and its alternate weeks.  So – our next meeting is January 22nd.  Since the deadline for this article has to be in before that I’ll have to report on that meeting next time.  And just so you know – if you’re looking for a place to hold a meeting – contact KCC – they do a great job – and the food is wonderful.

However – is we couldn’t have a meeting on the 15th – we will have a “Fun Lunch”!  We had it at the Frederic Inn – one of our Shop Grayling First businesses.  We invite all the members and those who are interested come and we just use the time for general conversation, plus – any GPA projects we care to discuss.  Of course I usually attend – and I find it makes up for the fact that we only meet every other week in the winter.  I miss my friends and this helps.  

Hope many of you will be at the Chamber After Hours on Thursday (1/17) evening sponsored by the Chamber and H & R Block.  Come on you people – start the New Year right by attending these events.  You’ll be surprised how many people you know and how much you will enjoy the evening.  You’ll find out what’s going on around town and you might meet some interesting people.

February is rather quiet, but there is a concert by Al Bondar on Thursday the 14th at the Artisan Gallery.

Several GPA Committee’s will be meeting in the next few weeks.  Membership will be finishing up their plans for more ways our new members can get to know us – and we can get to know them.  Pictionary Committee members will be holding their first meeting very soon.  Even tho’ its not until April April 26th we need to start now to be sure we get enough teams and that everything is ready for that very fun evening. 

AND….the Chamber Awards Dinner will be held at Kirtland on Friday, March 1st.  This is something you really don’t want to miss.  Last year was outstanding – and if I know the gals from the Chamber – it will be bigger and better this year.  If you’ve been watching you’ll know that you can nominate your favorite business or person for an award.  There are some new ideas this year:  The Longevity Award – for the business who has supported Grayling for the longest time.  Chamber Member Business of the Year, Chamber Member of the Year, Citizen of the Year – and another new one – the You Made It Happen Award.  If you know anyone or a business who would fit any of these – start working on your letter now.  You can pick up an application at the Chamber Office.   Last years evening was outstanding.  The room was beautiful – everyone dressed up for the occasion – and it was wonderful to see such deserving people be acknowledged for all they do for “OUR TOWN”

That’s about it for January.  Let’s hope for enough snow so that the Snowmobilers are happy and Hanson Hills doesn’t have to make too much snow.   Don’t just sit home and do nothing – get out and go to some of these events.  You might meet your neighbor – or you might make a friend.