Dec.2018 update

By the time you read this it may be a little late for Merry Christmas – So – I’m wishing you a Very Happy New Year – 2018.   May it be all you hope for and more.   I wish you good health – good friends – and safe journey to wherever you go.  If you don’t “go” anywhere – may your days at home be happy ones.

This has been a very busy month – for GPA, for me personally, and probably for most of you.  GPA had a very successful Festival of Trees.  We had more people visit us than ever before.  We delivered more Santa Letters to the “man” than ever.  It means GPA will be able to do more good for our community than ever – and that’s a good thing!!!

So many Christmas Events to go to.  The Chamber held their Christmas After Hours – which many GPA members attend on a regular basis.  It’s a great place to meet our friends, our local business people, and some of those representing the different organizations around the area.  The Methodist Church Choir put on their annual Christmas Concert.  Some new music that we had never heard before – that we’re going to be looking for on a CD.  New, Beautiful – and sure to be added to our list of favorite carol’s.   We attended the High School play  – “67 Princesses”.  What a fun production – and very well done.   We did some local shopping.  Yes, we had to get out and walk around town, but we saw old friends – met some new ones – and got some great bargains.  It’s a little more work than sitting at your computer – but its worth it!. 

GPA had their annual Christmas Party and we always have a good turnout.  Good food and good friends.

Personally,  I join my family “down below” for the actual Christmas Festivities, but I come back right after so I can keep track of what’s going on in my favorite place.  My home here and my friends make this my “happy place.”

New Years Eve finds me close to home – with a few friends – watching the ball drop in New York. Whatever you do – I hope you have fun, enjoy – and maybe find someone under the mistletoe.

I know some of you are already involved in community groups and work to make Grayling a better place. But – if you don’t – I ask you to think about joining us.  You can give as much or as little time as you wish – but it’s wonderful to realize that you are contributing to a brighter future for our area.  Nothing happens by itself – it takes people – it takes a little work – and a real desire to make our town – and our community – the very best it can be.     Join us – whether it’s the Chamber, Main Street, GPA, the Boosters, or any other group that is working in some way – to make life better.  You’ll be glad you did!!!

The next time I sit down to write this article it will be the New Year.   I certainly wouldn’t have believed  – when I was young  that I’d still be around to see in the year 2018.  I look forward to it.  Who knows what new and interesting things may happen.  See you there!!!

-Betty Bennett-